Canton, MD United Oil Co Fire, Jul 1891


Lightning Strikes Oil Tanks at Canton, Md., Causing a


About 58,000 Barrels of Oil Destroyed and the Fire Still Rages.


Will Hardly Cover the Loss---Property of the United Oil Company Swept Away in a Few Hours.

BALTIMORE, July 30.--The fire that was started in an oil tank of the Baltimore United Oil Company at Canton Tuesday afternoon, assumed serious proportions Wednesday. A second tank ignited from the fierce heat of its neighbor and it is being gradually consumed together with its contents. It is estimated that 58,000 barrels of oil will be destroyed. The oil is valued at $10,000 each. The fire was started by lightning striking the tank. The fire raged fiercely all night and about 4 a. m. the top of the tank fell in and then the fire had full play, shooting out in forked flames to the height of 300 feet. The uselessness of projecting water on the mass of burning oil was evident to all and the duty of the firemen was to take every precaution to prevent other property from being destroyed.

About noon the fire became more threatening and additional engines were called out. Previous to the arrival of the city department the inhabitants of the houses on streets near the fire removed their furniture to places of safely. At midnight the tank in which the fire originated was still burning, but it is expected to burn out soon and the contiguous property be released from danger.

Democratic Standard, Coshocton, OH 31 Jul 1891