Frederick, MD Automobile Wreck, Apr 1930


James Savanos, 45, and E. G. Insley, Dorsey, Md. Fatally Injured.

JAMES SAVANOS, about 45 years of age, proprietor of a restaurant on West All Saints street, and EARL G. INSLEY, about 40, of Dorsey, Anne Arundel county, storekeeper, at the Maryland House of Correction, were almost instantly killed when an automobile in which they were riding left the road, at a sharp curve at Plane No. 4, Sunday afternoon, between 3 and 4 o'clock and turned over in a ditch. Three children of Mr. and Mrs. Insley, also in the car, escaped with minor injuries.

Persons, who arrived on the scene first, found the lifeless bodies of Savanos and Insley under the car. The three children, girls about 13, 9 and 6 years of age, were take from under the car. The eldest girl sustained a laceration on her head and with the exception of a few minor bruises the other two children were not hurt. They were taken to the home of a Mr. Rice nearby.

Dr. Stanley Grabill and Dr. Carl Vanpool, Mr. Airy, were summoned. Both of the men were dead when the physicians arrived. Savanos sustained a crushed skull and the chest of Insley was crushed. It was stated that Insley expired a few minutes after the first persons, passing automobilists, arrived at the place of the accident.

Came Here On Visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Insley and their four children came to Frederick Sunday morning on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Savanos. During the early part of the afternoon, it was stated, Mr. and Mrs. Savanos decided to return to Dorsey with Mr. and Mrs. Insley and spend the evening. Mrs. Insley, Mrs. Savanos and the former's child, started first in a car belonging to Savanos, driven by a colored chauffeur, named Myers. A few minutes later Savanos, Insley and the three Insley children followed in Insley's car, with [ineligible] the latter at the wheel.

It is supposed that Insley lost control of his car at the curve, which turns to the left at the top of a hill, and before he could regain control the machine ran into a ditch alongside and turned over. Two persons in an automobile, about one hundred yards in the rear witnessed the accident and were the first to arrive on the scene. Savanos was found dead and Insley expired a few minutes later. The children with the exception of the eldest, were not injured.

Sheriff William C. Roderick was summoned and accompanied by Deputy Sheriff William F. Steiner, and Magistrate Alton Y. Bennett, went to the place of the accident. State Officer M. D. Brubaker was also notified and arrived soon afterward. Following an investigation, Magistrate Bennett, acting coroner decided that the accident was unavoidable and deemed an inquest unnecessary. The bodies of the dead men were turned over to M. R. Etchison and Son, undertakers.

Wife Is Notified.

Word of the accident was sent to Patrick Delaney, warden at the House of Correction and the latter brought Mrs. Insley to Plane No. 4 and took her children home. The automobile in the accident was badly damaged. Savanos came to this city from Martinsburg about six years ago.

The Frederick Post, Frederick, MD 28 Apr 1930

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Earl Garner Insley

My mom is the oldest child in this car. Betsy Insley Adkins. Her sisters Gin and Emma were in the car.

my grandfather

This story is about my grandfather. He, along with my aunts were in this horrible crash.
I just now found this on this remarkable machine we call a pc. How fascinating since I knew nothing about my grandfather.
If anyone knows any more about Earl Garner Insley please email me at the above address.
Thank you...