Westminster, MD Army Truck Wreck, Jun 1922


Eight Others Are Hurt as Army Car Goes Over Embankment.

BALTIMORE, June 6--One soldier was killed, two suffered injuries which the physicians believe will result fatally and six others were less seriously hurt when a truck carrying ten soldiers from Camp Holabird, bound fro Buffalo, went over an embankment near Westminster, Md., today. Private Parent was killed. Private Herschner was picked up unconscious and was at first reported dead. He revived, however, and was found to be not seriously hurt.

The truck was the last one of a convoy which left Camp Holabird yesterday for Buffalo to brick[sic] back other trucks. For some unknown reason it stopped for a time, and the accident occurred while it was speeding up in an attempt to overtake the main body.

Several persons saw the truck go over the side of the road and plunge down the road and plunge down the embankment. Most of the men were caught beneath it.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jun 1922