Blue Mountain House Station, MD Train Derailment, Jan 1904


Derailment of Passenger Coach Causes Loss of Two Lives.

Baltimore, Jan. 4 -- A broken rail caused the derailment of three cars of an eastbount passenger train on the Western Maryland railroad, causing the death of two persons and the injury of 30 other passengers and trainmen. The ladies' coach, which was the last of the train, rolled 80 feet down the mountain side and landed bottom upward. The accident occurred near Blue Mountain House station, 15 miles east of Hagerstown.
KATHERINE SENOR, 8 years old, daughter of a Baltimore newspaper man, died after being taken from the wreckage car. An unknown woman was so wedged in the wreckage that her dead body is unrecognizable. It is thought that she was MRS. E. E. ROY or FOY of Philadelphia. She was about 35 years of age. MRS. SENOR, mother of the dead child, is seriously injured. Her son, 6 years old, was also seriously injured.
All except the ladies car passed safely over the broken rail. The baggage car and smoker were pulled from the track by the rear coach, but did not go over the bank.

Altoona Mirror Pennsylvania 1904-01-04