Baltimore, MD Catholic College Fire, Dec 1966


Baltimore (AP) -- A fire burned through an administrative office, a reception office and a lounge of a dormitory at a Roman Catholic college for women early Sunday.
But all of the 200 resident students were evacuated safely and quartered in other buildings on the campus of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in North Baltimore.
LT. JOHN HOCKSTEDT, 44, of the Fire Department collapsed at the scene and was pronounced dead at Union Memorial Hospital. Fire officials said they believed he suffered a heart attack.
The fire broke out at 7:06 a.m., went to six alarms and was declared under control at 7:54 a.m.
Fire officials said they can not say for sure yet what started the blaze but that they are looking into the possibility that it was an electrical short circuit that set a Christmas tree ablaze.

The Cumberland News Maryland 1966-12-19