Halethorpe, MD Buses Collide, Apr 1942


Halethorpe, Md., April 27. -- Three persons were killed and 29 injured, seven seriously, when two passenger buses collided head-on near here Sunday on the crowded dual-lane Baltimore - Washington boulevard.
State Police said a northbound National Trailways bus swerved to avoid an automobile and collided with a southbound Greyhound bus, ripping part of the Trailway bus roof from the vehicle and spilling several passengers onto the highway. The Greyhound bus crashed into a telegraph pole.
The dead were identified as:
MR. and MRS. DANIEL MURPHY of Jersey City, N.J.
GLADYS LEWIS, address unknown.
Heavy Sunday traffic delayed 10 hospital and police ambulances as they shuttled between the accident scene and three Baltimore hospitals removing the injured.
The injured were from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Washington.

The Daily Mail Hagerstown Maryland 1942-04-27