Portland, ME City Fire, Dec 1851


Portland, Dec. 7.
Our city has just been visited by one of the most destructive conflagrations that ever occurred here. It broke out between 4 and 5 o'clock this morning, in the store of LANAHA & JORDAN, on Commercial wharf, which was destroyed, together with a large building occupied by them for storage of heavy groceries. Their loss is $4,000, $1,000 of which is insured in the Trenton office, and $1,000 in the People's office. The fire thence extended down the wharf, burning a small refreshment saloon kept by GEORGE CONANT, and owned by BENJAMIN WILLIS and G. and C. INGRAHAM. CONANT'S loss is $300 -- no insurance. The stores occupied by J. CONLEY and owned by WILLIAM H. COOK, one occupied by JEREMIAH PROCTOR and owned by B. WILLIS, and another occupied by C. P. INGRAHAM, also owned by B. WILLIS, were also burnt. Here the fire was arrested on the wharf. CONLEY'S loss, $3,000; PROCTOR'S, $1,000; no insurance. C. P. INGRAHAM'S loss, $3,500 -- insured at People's office for $1,800. The other buildings consumed were the stores occupied by WILLLIAM ALEXANDER, owned by B. WILLIS, stock destroyed -- small insurance. Store of JAS. M. KELLOGG, owned by ELIAS THOMAS, stock saved, mostly; loss, $300 -- insured at AEtna office, Hartford. Large store owned and occupied by PERLEY & RUSSELL; stock mostly saved -- insured for $2,000, and building for $1,000, in Augusta (Georgia) office. The large new store on Commercial street, belonging to CHARLES W. INGRAHAM, was damaged to the amount of $6,000 -- no insurance.
On southwest side of Commercial wharf, every building was swept away, as follows:
Store owned and occupied by LOVETT & ATKINS; loss $1,500. Insured at Augusta, Geo., office $1,000, stock mostly saved.
The third story was occupied by WILLIAM GALLOON, sailmaker, whose stock was mostly saved.
Store owned and occupied by SAMUEL N. BEAL; loss $3,000, insured $1,800 in Howard office, Lowell.
Store of RODGERS & NASON, owned by E. A. NORTON; loss on stock $2,000, insured $1,000 -- insured for $1,000 at manufacturers' office, Boston.
Loss on store, $1,200; insured $900 at People's office.
Store occupied for storage of corn and flour, by C. RODGERS & Co., and by E. & C. P. INGRAHAM, and JOSEPH FOWLER, sailmaker. Loss of RODGERS, $7,000; insured $5,000 at Howard office. Loss of MR. FOWLER, in new sails, $3,000; no insurance. No insurance.
This completed the ravages on Commercial wharf. Four stores on Commercial street, owned and occupied by D. J. CHASE, in which were stored great quantities of flour and corn, were destroyed, with their contents. Two other stores belonging to MR. CHASE, and also stored with flour and corn, were destroyed. His loss is estimated at $35,000; insured in Baltimore for $5,000. Store occupied by GEORGE WARREN, and C. RODGERS & Co., for storage of Provisions; store owned by the PREBLE heirs, and occupied for storage; and store belonging to SAMUEL TRUSK, and occupied by him and N. O. & C. H. CRANE, for storage of flour and corn, were wholly consumed. Loss of MR. TRASK, $750; insured $500 at AEtna office. Store owned by heirs of MISS JEWETT, and occupied in part by J. W. PORTER, and containing a quantity of molasses belonging to J. B. BROWN, and JENNESS, CHASE & Co., was destroyed. Loss $750; insured for $500, at Howard office. Store belonging to NATHANIEL WARREN -- loss $1,500; insured at Howard office, Lowell, for $1,000. Store of ISAAC STURDIVANT -- loss $1,000; probably not insured. Sail loft of LEAVIT and LOVELL -- stock mostly saved. The sloop Brilliant, schooner Charlotte, schooner Fanny, a new bark owned by MEANS & BRIGGS, brig Frances Ellen, schooners Lancet, Roanoke, Beal George Brooks, and brig Sarah Ellen, were all more or less injured in spars, hulls, sails and rigging.
The extent of the conflagration was owing mainly to the want of water, the tide being down. There were twenty seven stores burnt, nine vessels damaged, and over $100,000 worth of marchandise destroyed.

The New York Times New York 1851-12-08