Etna, ME Train Wreck, Sept 1897


One Person Killed and Thirty-two Injured in the Ensuing Panic.

WATERVILLE, Me., Sept. 5.---A bad accident occurred on the Maine Central Railroad this morning to a special excursion train from Dover and Foxcroft to the Etna camp meeting. Martin Payne, aged twenty-two persons were injured, several of whom are in a serious condition with slight hopes of recovery.

The train was made up of five cars and a combination. The latter was thrown from the rails, owing to a break in a flange two miles west of Etna station. The car, which was completely overturned, contained sixty-five persons, who were thrown in a heap. Most of the injuries sustained by the passengers are said to have resulted from their struggles to escape from the train.

The New York Times, New York, NY 6 Sept 1897