Embden, ME Tornado Damages Small Towns, June 1859


The Somerset Telegraph reports that a terrible tornado passed over a portion of the town of Embdenm, Me., June 15, prostrating houses, barns, trees, orchards and everything in its course. It was first seen near the middle of the pond, whirling the water in a terrific column several hundred feet into the air. Three barns belonging to MR. JOSEPH ATKINSON, and one belonging to MR. JOHN MULLEN, were demolished, and a MR. CLARK and a MR. TALCOTT, who were in one of the barns, were somewhat injured. A house belonging to MR. JOHN REDMAN was also demolished, and MRS. REDMAN and her little child, and another woman, who were in the house at the time, were all more or less injured.
Portions of the demolished buildings were carried to the distance of two miles.

The New York Times New York 1859-06-20