Virginia, ME Well Accident, Nov 1825

Miraculous Escape.----A Mr. Gwynn was employed to repair the wall of Mr. Thompson's well, in Virginia, a part of which had fell in, near the edge of the water, and while he was engaged in removing the rocks from the bottom, the well gave way about fifteen feet from the water, and closed over him. Upon calling to him, he was found to be alive. A number of the neighbors were soon collected, and were set about removing the rubbish from off the victim that was buried beneath it. On getting down to near where he was, he informed the laborers that he was protected by the accidental meeting of two large stones just above his head, which formed an arch that supported the whole weight. He was taken out without having sustained any injury excepting a few slight scratches and bruises, which were occasioned by drawing him through a small aperture that was made by the side of the arch, after having been entombed from eleven in the morning till six in the evening. Besides that he experienced no difficulty in breathing, except at one time for a minute or two, and that he slept soundly for an hour.

Brattleboro' Messenger, Brattleboro, VT 12 Nov 1825