Freeport, ME Two Car Collision, Aug 1955


Freeport, Maine, Aug. 20 (AP) - Five persons were killed and two critically injured last night in a splintering two-car collision on the Freeport cutoff that state police described as a "slaughter."
Investigators identified the dead as MRS. BERNADETTE CHAREST, 46, of Auburn; EVERETT L. ANDERSON 22, of Freeport; MRS. CECILE F. GOYETTE, 40, Lewiston; MRS. ALICE FORTIN, 41, Lewiston; and REGINA JANELLE, 35, Lewiston.
One of the bodies was found 90 feet from the wreckage two hours after the crash.
Reported in critical condition at Brunswick Hospital were PHILBRICK ROWE, JR., 24, Freeport; and ROBERT STEELE, 27, Freeport.
STEELE told police that he, ANDERSON and ROWE, were heading south on U.S. Route 1 and the car carrying the women was crossing that road at the intersection of State Route 136 when the collision occurred.
The scene is about 500 yards from where two men were killed five days ago in a collision of two automobiles.

Kingston Daily Freeman New York 1955-08-20