Portland, ME Waterfront Fire, Jun 1912


Captains and Crews Narrowly Escape In Portland Wharf Fire.

PORTLAND, Me., June 30--Portland's water front, the scene of several big fires, was again seriously threatened by flames early today, when damage of more than $100,000 was caused in a wharf blaze. Two Boston vessels, the barkentine Kremlin and the three-masted schooner Sallie I'On, which had just finished discharging lumber from a Southern port, were burned so badly that they can never go to sea again. The crews of both had narrow escapes.

Beakes's Wharf, where the fire started, and State Street Wharf, near by, both of which are occupied by the Wilson Lumber Company, were badly damaged, and between $60,000 and $70,000 worth of valuable lumber was destroyed. Sturtevant's Wharf was also on fire at one time, but strenuous work by the Fire Department, the fire boat, the revenue cutter Woodbury's crew and several tugboats prevented any further spread of the flames.

The origin of the fire in unknown. The crews of the two burned vessels had little warning, and had to abandon ship in a hurry. Capt. Green of the Sallie I'On, with his mate, jumped overboard and grasped a piece of floating timber, from which they were rescued later by the fire boat. Capt. Alfred Warner of Boston, of the barkentine Kremlin, barely managed to take his wife and three children to safety, and was obliged to leave behind nearly all their personal belongings. In his cabin was $1,400 in cash, which was lost.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Jul 1912