Portland, ME Terminal and Roundhouse Fire, Aug 1922

Fifteen Engines Are Lost in $1,000,000 Fire; Believed Incendiary, at Portland, Maine.

PORTLAND, Me., Aug. 13.--Fifteen locomotives of the Maine Central, Boston & Maine and Portland Terminal Company and a roundhouse were destroyed in a fire here today. The damage is estimated at $1,000,000. The police said they suspected incendiarism.

Just before the fire was discovered by deputy sheriffs on guard two explosions were heard.

The machine repair shop, air brake repair shop, water tower, fuel oil plant and part of the turntable also were destroyed. No one was injured.

The roundhouse burst into flames immediately after the explosions, and the fire spread rapidly. Eight locomotives and more than 100 freight cars were hauled away undamaged. The loss of the remaining engines was largely due to one becoming stalled on the turntable.

Sheriff King Graham started an investigation immediately and placed a number of additional men on duty in the railroad yards. He said his deputies could not determine the cause of the explosions, and he believed that the fire was of incendiary origin.

A Boston & Maine official said that loss of the locomotives would seriously handicap the operation of trains on that road, but he thought it would not tie up any traffic.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Aug 1922