Turners Island, ME Train Accident, Jun 1871

FATAL ACCIDENT.----Saturday as the 5:20 P. M. mixed train from this city proceeding, after a momentary stop at Turner's Island, two of the brakemen noticed a man attempting to get on between two freight cars, and a second after the body of a man was seen lying by the side of the track over which the cars had passed. The train was stopped and backed down. The man was found to be injured, but still alive. At once the officers of the train had him taken on board and brought to the city for medical attendance. A litter was prepared at the depot and the sufferer taken to the station house, where the city physician, Dr. Cetchell, with other doctors were called. The injured man was found to be DAVID M. FRENCH, who a fortnight ago moved with his family to Biddeford. His right leg was broken in several places, his right hand lacerated, and the flesh and ligaments of the left thigh were torn from the bone. All that could be was done for the man, but he died at 8:45 that evening. He was conscious at times up to 8:30, and recognized his wife, who with a son about 22 years of age, came in from Biddeford by the evening train. Another son, 14 years of age, arrived by the express train. Deceased was about 50 years of age and was a painter by trade. Coroner Gould empannelled(sic) a jury of six men, examined the remains and had them encoffined by S. S. Rich & Son. The body was removed to Biddeford by the 1 o'clock train yesterday morning. The Coroner's Jury adjourned to 9 o'clock this morning, when the attachees of the train he was run over by will be in attendance.

Deceased formerly resided in Bath.

Weekly Eastern Argus, Portland, ME 29 Jun 1871