Waterville, ME Fire, Jul 1849

Destructive Fire at Waterville, Me.--A correspondent of the Boston Atlas, writing from Gardiner, Me., states that a large fire occurred at Waterville on Saturday evening.

"Property to the amount of between fifty and sixty thousand dollars was destroyed on that evening by one conflagration. The loss is severely felt, as the most active and industrious of the population of that thriving village are the sufferers, and with them upwards of two hundred hard working men are thrown out of employment, thus depriving them and their families of the means of subsistence.

The fire was undoubtedly the work of base incendiaries, as no fires had been in the Mills for several days previous.

There were seven saw mills consumed, three of which valued at $12,000, were owned by the Messrs. Gatchells, of Waterville; one by Moore of the same place; one by Parker Sheldon, Esq., of this town; one by Mr. Reddington, of Waterville; and one owned in Portland. With the Mills was consumed from three to four million feet of lumber. Also Moore's store and warehouse, full of goods, and in which was stored 4000 bushels of Oats, with the dwelling house attached thereto; also Reddington's store house with its contents.

Upon this vast amount of property, strange as it may seem, the aggregate amount of insurance will not exceed $2000, thus almost prostrating those who but a few hours since considered themselves in affluence.

Farmer's Cabinet, Amherst, NH 26 Jul 1849