Freeport, ME House Fire, Mar 1930


15 Year Old Marion Stafford Rescued With Difficulty At Freeport, Me.

Freeport, March 17.--Mrs. Harry Stafford awakened at her home on the Webster road nearly three miles from this village shortly after midnight Saturday to find the house filled with smoke, the noise of crackling flames breaking the night quiet. She qickly[sic] aroused her husband and they found the house enveloped in flames.

Their 15 year old daughter Marion was asleep in another room and it was with difficulty they were able to get her safely from the burning building as she was partially overcome by the smoke. They expressed belief that five minutes later it would have been impossible to get the girl from the house.

The Staffords were able to save but an armful of clothing from the house which was destroyed and get their farm animals and a few implements from the barn. The loss is estimated at $4000, covered by insurance.

The buildings were about 100 yards from railroad tracks and it is believed that sparks from a train which passed a short time before the fire was discovered set fire to grass and the wind, which was blowing towards the building, caused the fire to spread to the house foundations and work its way up through the walls.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 17 Mar 1930