Cape Elizabeth, ME (Off Shore) Schooner MARY ALICE Wreck, Dec 1869


The Schooner Mary Alice, before reported lost on Trundy's Reef, near Cape Elizabeth, Me., was a schr. of about 90 tons burden and valued at about $5,000. She was engaged in carrying lumber from Lincolnville to New York and returning with coal. At the time she was wrecked she was making for Portland. About 5 P.M. Saturday she was abreast Cape Elizabeth Light, when the weather shut down thick and it commenced snowing. The captain immediately headed her for Portland harbor, under double reefed mainsail and jib. They saw a light, supposed it was Portland Light, and hauled the vessel to for it. They were deceived by the light, which proved to be one in John Trundy's house, and as soon as they hauled to the vessel struck the reef. As soon as she struck the crew hauled the jib to weather and payed her off shore, and, after a time, succeeded in working her off, but it was evident that she had stove her port bow when she struck, for she filled and was capsized. At the time she first hit on the rocks it was 7:20 P.M. The crew clung to the vessel, hoping, yet doubting, that succor might come. At 2 o'clock Sunday morning the captain could hold out no longer, being thoroughly exhausted and almost frozen, and he was washed off. One of the hands, named ROBERT PETTENGILL, was taken by the same wave, and caught hold of the captain, both clinging together as they went down. When the vessel capsized the cook was immediately drowned. The mate tried to save him, but unsuccessfully. The survivors clung to the wreck till 8 o'clock in the morning, when they were taken off. MR. DANIEL MITCHELL, who lives on the Cape, took them in and cared for them, the mate and one of the hands, by the name of DUNCAN, having their limbs badly frozen.
The names of the crew were as follows:
Captain J. C. PERRY.
Mate E. T. ACHORN.
All belonged to Lincolnville. Capt. PERRY was about 42 years of age and leaves a wife and two children. The cook, MR. DECROW, was about 25 years of age, and leaves a wife and one child.
MR. PENDLETON was unmarried.

New York Herald New York 1869-12-09