Bangor, ME Fell Overboard and Drowned, Nov 1870

MAN DROWNED. Last evening about seven o'clock, Capt. Homer of the schooner Forest Belle, which was lying alongside the wharf in the stream just above the railroad bridge, heard a heavy splash in the water, apparently between his vessel and the bridge, and a cry for help. The moon not having risen, he could see no one, but twice after the first cry, heard the water splashed and shouts, as though the man overboard had risen to the surface. A boat was at once manned and pushed off to the spot from whence the sounds appeared to issue, but when it arrived all was silent. A party procured the draw keeper's grapple and dragged the stream in every direction fro an hour and a half, but nothing could be found, and as the current was running very rapidly, it is supposed that the body was carried down stream. At nine o'clock, Mr. Colson, the draw-keeper-who by-the-way had recovered many bodies of persons drowned at this spot, and has also saved several lives--repaired this grapple, which had become broken, and resumed the search, but at half-past 10, when our reporter left, had not succeeded in finding the body.--A young man named Arthur Skinner, about 18 years of age, left his home in Brewer at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon to come to this city, and as he did not return last night. It is supposed that he is the drowned man. He was subject to fits and it is possible that may have wandered upon the wharves or bridge, in a confused state of mind, and fallen off under the circumstances above stated.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor, ME 12 Nov 1870