Milford, ME Train Accident, Nov 1870

Sarah Ann Cunningham, a child eighteen months old, a daughter of Mr. Thomas Cunningham of Milford, was killed on the 25th of November, by the 5:15 down freight train, at the railroad crossing in Milford, near the bridge. The parents live within a few rods of the track; but the child had never before, as its mother says, strayed on to the road that she was aware of. It was very dark evening, and the place of the disaster was upon a down grade, and upon a curve. The engine had no head-light, and the employes[sic] upon the train were not aware of the casualty until the next day. The remains were found by a little sister, sent to search for her after she was missed in the evening, on the track where the railway crosses the county road, the head severed from the body, and lying some feet from it.

Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of Maine By Maine for the Year 1870, page 21