Prouts Neck, ME Cottage Fire, Jun 1909


Word has been received in Trenton that Mrs. William T Taylor and her daughter, Miss Charlotte Taylor, of South Clinton Avenue had a thrilling experience last week which caused them not a little inconvenience and loss and compelled them to shorten their vacation, which they were spending at Prout's Neck, on the coast of Maine. A cottage near the hotel at which the Taylors were staying caught fire, and the guests of the hotel were warned to be ready to leave at short notice. Mrs. Taylor and her daughter having four trunks with them, packed up as many of their belongings as they could, but were interrupted by cries that the hotel had caught fire. By desperate efforts they were able to drag from the hotel two trunks, filled with such articles of clothing and jewelry as they were enabled to throw into them in their haste. All the men of the locality being engaged in fighting the flames, Mrs. Taylor and daughter were forced to drag the trunks to the railway station, some distance away, where they took a train for Boston.

Mrs. Taylor lost a quantity of wearing apparel and a number of valuable pieces of jewelry, which she was not able to get out of the threatened hotel.

The Taylors expected to remain away until about September 1.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 4 Aug 1909


the name of the hotel was

the name of the hotel was the Jocelyn, set on fire when a kerosene lamp fired up some hay in the garage/barn. I grew up at Prouts Neck. It was a famous story even many years later.