New Orleans, LA Tornado, Oct 1896

Fatalities Reported at New Orleans

About 4:30 Thursday a cyclone struck New Orleans on the river front, just above Pension street, and swept over a distance of about a mile and a half, or thirty blocks from Pension street to Robin street, the track of the storm being about 1,500 feet wide from the river to Annunciation street. The first building damaged was the Independence oil mill, situated at the head of Pension street. It was unroofed and building and contents damaged to the amount of $6,000. The conveyors of the new elevator of the Illinois Central railroad were slightly damaged and John White Meyer and John J. Buck, employed at the elevator, were severely injured.

Hundreds of buildings in the track of the storm were damaged, many being partly unroofed and chimneys prostrated, trees uprooted and fences blown down. Some lives were reported lost at first, but so far these reports have not been verified. The property loss is estimated at $100,000.

Gazette, Stevens Point, WI 4 Nov 1896