Baton Rouge, LA Explosion Of The Steamer NATCHEZ, Feb 1884


Baton Rouge, Feb. 3. -- This evening when the steamer NATCHEZ was four miles above here the main steam-pipe on the starboard side exploded, tearing up the floors of two state-rooms and the gangway, forcing off the doors of the barber's shop, and filling the cabin with the escaping steam. The passengers rushed hither and thither in wild confusion, but the pilot headed for the shore and landed them all. The only person killed was a colored boy employed in the pastry-room, who stepped on the gangway just before the explosion. The only passenger injured was R. W. ADAMS, of Louisville, who was terribly scalded on the face and hands. He was just in the act of stepping out of the stateroom when the explosion occurred. Capt. B. S. LEATHERS states that the fires were cleaned out at Baton Rouge, and that the vessel was running 125 pounds of steam when the explosion occurred. The explosion was caused by a defect in the copper pipe. The steamer HALLIDAY, which came up several hours after the accident, took on board the passengers. The NATCHEZ will return to this city on one wheel.

The New York Times New York 1884-02-04