Crowley, LA Tornado, Mar 1902

Tornado In Louisiana Destroyed 12 Buildings.

Crowley, La., March 25.-(Associated Press.)-There was a great storm of wind in the neighborhood of Bayou Quene De Tortue, in Vermillion Parish last night and reports are coming in of great damage done. As far as known two men were killed.

At the residence of JOHN C. ELLIS, 12 miles south of Crowley, DELMAR RICHARD was killed and ELLIS’S sister was considerably bruised by falling timbers. DONNELLY’S house was blown from the foundation and stables destroyed. At a farm not far from the DONNELLY place a man named SILS was killed while trying to escape from his home which was completely wrecked. Three other members of the family were seriously injured.

Twelve houses are reported totally demolished. It is thought several other fatalities occurred in remote parts of the Parish. The property loss is heavy.

The Morning Herald, Lexington, KY 26 Mar 1902


Death and Ruin Caused By Storm

Lives Lost and Houses Demolished Near Crowley, La.

Tornado Sweeps Down Upon Farms at Night While People Sleep and Spreads Terror and Destruction in its Wake.

Crowley, La., March 25-(Special)-A great storm of wind and rain swept through the neighborhood of Bayou Quene De Tortue, twelve miles south of Crowley in Vermillion parish last night and reports are coming in of great damage that was done but detail are somewhat meager. As far as known one man was killed, DELMAR RICHARD and [ILLEGIBLE] was so badly crushed that he will die. The first casualty is reported from the residence of JOHN G. ELLIS, who lives twelve miles south of Crowley.

ELLIS’ residence and the surrounding outbuildings were completely demolished and his sister was considerably bruised by the falling timbers of the house. DELMAR RICHARD, a hired man, was buried in the ruins of the house and was killed.

The house of Mr. BURLEIGH who lives near the ELLIS farm was also blown down and the family escaped with only a few injuries. MR. BURLEIGH lost a valuable mule that was buried beneath the ruins of the demolished stable and MR. ELLIS also lost a mule in the same manner. LOUIS HOOPER, who lives in that neighborhood, was in town this morning but it was impossible to obtain any detailed description of the storm. HOOPER was working for a man by the name of DONNALLY who lives about three miles from the ELLIS place. DONNALLY’S house was blown from the foundations and the stables were destroyed. HOOPER says that there is not a brick standing at the ELLIS place, that ruin is complete.

The storm swept over the place at 11 o’clock and the people were all in their beds. As the house began to rock the inmates tried to secure their clothing and get out. At the ELLIS house a young man who was stopping in an upper room felt the house moving and as it was about to go over, leaped from the window and was caught up by the wind and carried several yards into an adjoining field and fell into a wire fence. The fence broke the force of his fall and with the exception of a few scratches, he was uninjured, but was terribly shocked from fright.

At a farm not far from the DONNALLY place, a man of the name of SILS was killed while trying to escape from his home, which was completely wrecked and three members of the family seriously injured. HOOPER said that at the time that he left the neighborhood, reports were coming in from other farms and from the nature of these reports it would seem that some places escaped entirely although they were apparently in the track of the storm.

Twelve houses are reported as totally demolished, on many of the farms fruit trees were torn out of the ground and carried away bodily. Detailed reports are hard to obtain as the residences are some distance apart and the people are too busy repairing damaged to move along and circulate news, but it is thought that there were several fatalities and that the property loss will be large, as many of the buildings destroyed were substantial and costly structures.

The Daily Express, San Antonio, TX 26 Mar 1902