Riverton, LA Television Tower Collapse, Mar 1997


Riverton, La. - A television tower, higher than the nations tallest building collapsed Thursday killing one worker, throwing another clear and dropping one into a satellite dish.
"It was just a mangled bunch of steel," said witness Bill Boesett.
The workers said they were about 200 feet up the tower when it collapsed, said paramedic Dennis Kelly.
At 1,989 feet, the structure was higher than the Sears Tower in Chicago, the tallest building in the country at 1,454 feet.
There was no immediate cause attributed to the collapse of the tower, owned by KNOE television in Monroe, 24 miles to the north.
The CBS affiliate is off the air indefinitely, and is routing its signal to cable customers only, a loss of 134,000 homes in its 170,000 household market place.
A 2,063 foot tower in Blanchard, N.D. is the tallest TV tower, according to the World Almanac.

Times Daily Birmingham Alabama 1997-03-21