Lake Wallace, LA Plane Crashes, Jan 1954

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Shreveport, La. (U.P.) - A private amphibious plane, forced down by ice, crashed on the shore of a wooded lake south of here last night, killing Braniff Airlines President T. E. BRANIFF, nine duck hunting partners and two pilots.
Ironically, Braniff's airline, which has flown 2,500,000,000 passenger miles without a fatality, received its 21st annual safety award only 10 days ago.
BRANIFF and the other hunters, all prominent business men, were guests of the United Gas Company, which owned the ill-fated Grumman Mallard.
The plane was caught in a snow and sleet storm that coated it with ice and forced Pilot W. C. (BUDDY) HUDDLESTON, 30, of Gilliam, La., to attempt an emergency landing on the north shore of Lake Wallace, 10 miles south of Shreveport.
The plane slammed through the tops of trees into a small fishing camp shack and burned. The bodies of the victims were badly charred.
Besides BRANIFF and HUDDLESTON the dead included:
R. H. HARGROVE, 57, Shreveport, president of Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation, one of the nation's largest pipeline companies.
CHRIS ABBOTT, 72, wealthy Hyannis, Neb., rancher and banker.
EDGAR TOBIN, 58, World War I "Hat in Ring" Squadron Ace, president of Tobin Aerial Survey Company of San Antonio, Tex.
E. BERNARD WEISS, 55, Shreveport retail executive vice president of Goldring's, Inc.
MILTON WEISS, Dallas, department store executive and E. B. WEISS'S brother.
J. P. EVANS, SR., 69, Shreveport oilman.
JOHN B. ATKINS, SR., 55, president of Highland Oil Company and chairman of the board of Atlas Processing Company of Shreveport.
JUSTIN R. QUERBES, SR., 61, Shreveport insurance man and bank director.
RANDOLPH QUERBES, 59, JUSTIN'S brother, president of Interstate Electric Corporation.
LOUIS R. SCHEXNAYDRE, United Gas Company, co-pilot.

Shamokin News-Dispatch Pennsylvania 1954-01-11