New Orleans, LA Trolley Wreck, Mar 1908

New Orleans, LA Trolley Wreck, Mar 1908

Aged Trolley Victim

Was on His Way to Shelter When Death Overtook Him.

An old man, who was perhaps about 70 years old, was mangled by a street car last night on Tulane Avenue and Claiborne. The poor man was probably at fault, and walked over the tracks of the Tulane Belt Line and paid no heed to the approaching car. It seems that the man was crossing to the north side of Tulane Avenue and was on the tracks just as car 254 of the Tulane Belt, in charge of Motorman Peter BROWN, Jr., was making a run. The motorman did all in his power to stop the conveyance and the brake was put on hard, but the car struck against the victim and threw him down and under the trucks. The wheels cut the body and caused instant death. Jackscrews had to be used to get the body from the tracks.

When the body was conveyed to the Morgue a search of the effects showed a letter which had been addressed to Dr. PARKER, of the Convalescent Home by Mrs. Mary CLONEY, of 216 South Derbigny Street. The missive went on to ask Dr. PARKER to try and give the poor man some place, as he had recently been discharged from the hospital. The lady gave the old man car fare and this coin was found in his pockets. A piece of paper of the American Express Company, with the address 2114 Columbus Street, was also found.

Corporal PETERSON, of the Saratoga Street Station, interviewed the lady, but she knew nothing of the history of the man and had not ascertained his name. She knew that he had called at her home and recited his troubles, and she gave him breakfast and car fare, as well as the letter.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 8 Mar 1908