Plaquemine, LA Steamer CONCORDIA Explosion, Sept 1848


On the 16th of September, 1848, the steamer Concordia burst all her boilers, when about to land passengers at Plaquemine, La. All the upper works were demolished, and some fragments of them were blown to the distance of three hundred yards. The cabin passengers all escaped uninjured. Twenty-eight of the crew and deck passengers were killed, and eight or ten persons were wounded.

KILLED.—B. M. McDowell, clerk ; Michael McQuaide, deck hand; Henry Jordon, a colored fireman ; two cabin boys ; a fireman, name not mentioned ; Robert and Edward Davis, colored men; and about twenty deck passengers, names unknown.

WOUNDED.—Capt. H. Pease (mortally) ; John F. Mosely, second clerk ; John Tabbot, colored fireman ; John Henderson, first engineer; F. W. Colles, book-keeper ; Samuel Bunnall, colored fireman. Capt. Pease died soon after the accident.

Lloyd’s Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters, James T. Lloyd & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1856, page 265