Montz, LA Train Collision, Nov 1912

The excursion train left New Orleans drawn by two engines. On approaching Montz, one of the engines broke down and the engineer signaled to the brakeman to go back and flag the freight train, which was running twenty-five minutes behind the excursion. The freight tore into the rear of the crowded passenger train at a speed of about thirty miles an hour.

Of the fourteen bodies recovered so far, nine were negroes and five white persons. The white dead:
MRS. VICTORIA MONTEUCE, of Vachary, Louisiana.
MRS. JENNIE CONEAUX, Vachary, Louisiana.
MRS. CHARLES GRECO, Vachary, Louisiana.
An unidentified white child.

Almost as soon as the collision occurred the two rear coaches, which were telescoped by the freight engine, caught fire. The passengers who escaped injury rushed into the coaches and dragged dead and injured from the flames.
Several of the occupants of the forward coaches were badly burned in their efforts to save the less fortunate. Excited women and children ran wildly about searching for relatives and friends. White men risked their lives to save injured negroes from the fire and negro men rushed into the steam and flames to rescue white persons as well as members of their own race.

Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls Texas 1912-11-11