Courtaubleau, LA Steamboat ELIZABETH Explosion, Apr 1845


The steamboat Elizabeth, Capt. Gordon, was ascending the Mississippi on Tuesday, April 3d, 1845, having left New Orleans on the preceding Sunday. About three o'clock, P. M. just as she entered the Courtauban [sic], her boiler collapsed, making a complete wreck of her upper works. The numerous pieces of the deck, &c., blown overboard, afforded the means of escape to a number of persons who had been projected into the water.

The names of the persons who were killed or injured by this accident were given by the clerk of the boat, whose statement we copy :

J. H. Gordon, the captain, was very badly scalded and bruised. Daniel Yorke, mate, killed. Freeman B. Lamb, first pilot, leg fractured. James Marquite, first engineer, very badly injured. Nelson Hill, second engineer, missing. — Rhodes, deck hand, missing. One colored fireman slightly scalded, and another missing.

The passengers were uninjured, except a few who were slightly bruised.

Lloyd's Steamboat Disasters, page 115