Columbia, LA Steamboat EDNA Explosion, June 1847


On the 4th inst. the steamer EDNA burst all four of her boilers, just as she was starting from the town of Columbia on the Mississippi, by which upwards of Twenty persons were killed, and several others severely wounded. The boat was shivered into countless fragments, and the boilers torn into numerous pieces, and thrown from one to four hundred yards. The groans of the wounded, the shrieks of the drowning, were heart-rending. Seventeen bodies had been found on the 7th inst.
The disaster is attributed mainly to the misconduct of those having charge of the boat.
Among those killed were:
JUDGE MAYO, of Harrisonburg, La.
MR. KILL, Ark.
MR. JONES, Florida.

The Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1847-06-21


List of Passengers on the Edna and List of Those Who Were Killed

Passengers on board the steamer Edna, when she blew up at the wharf on Friday at the town of Columbia:

Dr. John B. Lewis, of South Carolina, slightly injured.
Wm. Lape, of Bastrop, La., right leg badly broken.
Wm. Evans, of Marion, S.C., slightly bruised.
______ Stringer, Bay of Biloxy, left eye out and otherwise injured.
Thos. L. Simpson, Ouachita, badly bruised.
Mr. Johnson, the Clerk, left arm broken and badly wounded.
F. Miller, Farmersville, La., shoulder hurt.
Mrs. Gaulding, wife of 1st engineer.
Mrs. A. McDonald, of Champagnolle, Ark.
Wm. Gaulding, 1st engineer.
Martin Williams, mate, badly bruised.
Wm. Switzer, 1st pilot, slightly bruised.
2d cook badly scalded, 5 cabin servants, and 5 deck hands.

Passengers who will killed on the Edna when it exploded.
Judge Mayo, of Harrisonburg.
A.G. Hill, of Champagnolle, Ark.
Mr. Odell, South Carolina, and a friend in Mr. Odell's company.
L.M. Duty, Claiborne.
Mr. ____, Florida.
J.H. Vos, Barkeeper.
James Poole, 2d pilot.
Austin Steyer, carpenter.
Oliver Meshon, 2d engineer.
2 deck passengers, names unknown
8 crew members

Source: The Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez, Mississippi)19 Jun 1847, Sat, Page 2

Steamboat Edna

Stu, the "Mr. Kill" listed above is actually "Mr. Hill". He was my ggg grandfather, Alexander Greenwood Hill of Champagnolle, Arkansas.