Mooringsport, LA Launch Explosion, Dec 1927

Nine Injured When Launch Is Blown Up

Special to The News.
Shreveport, La., Dec. 12. – Nine men were severely burned, none fatally, when the engine in the Gulf Refining Company’s launch, The Gulf Special, exploded at the wharf at Mooringsport, according to a message received here.

The explosion, its cause undetermined, occurred just after eighteen employes (sic) of the company had boarded the launch for a trip about Caddo Lake where the men employed on various projects were to be left at their work.

A negro, Robert FISHER, said to have been the pilot, was blown into the water and painfully burned. The remainder of the injured are white men.

Joe LEWIS of Mooringsport was among the most severely injured. Others injured were Robert NELSON, Sox BONHAM, Charley BRASSIE and Big Boy EASON, all white men.

All eleven men leaped into the lake after the explosion, witnesses said, having a narrow escape from serious injury. The boat was destroyed by flames as a result of the explosion with a loss estimated at $2,500.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 13 Dec 1927