Louisville, KY Fire Strikes City, Oct 1876


Louisville, October 17. -- The most disastrous fire which has visited Louisville in many years occurred at one o'clock this morning. The flames were first discovered in HECHT & HARRIS' clothing house, and thence communicated to DAVIS & HADEN'S liquor store, CARSON & DANIEL'S grocery, and A. LEVY'S clothing house. All these establishments represent large wholesale firms, and were in one block, owned by MESSRS. THURMAN & CO., of Cincinnati. The fire crossed the street to the Loather block, damaging severely the ALEXANDER HOTEL, GEO. W. WEEKS & Co's. tobacco and cotton dealers, and C. G. SUVER'S hardware. The Falls City furniture factory and other houses were also damaged.
The loss will exceed $600,000, with very heavy insurance. THORMER block, owned and built by SAMUEL THORMER, of Cincinnati, valued at $150,000, insured for $50,000. Of this $15,000 is in the Western company, of Louisville, $35,000 in the London, Liverpool $ Globe. GEORGE W. WICKS' loss is small and covered by $25,000, insured in a number of companies; ALEXANDER'S HOTEL, $90,000, insurance $20,000; A. LEVY & CO., clothiers, stock $100,000, insurance, $35,000; DAVIS & HODEN, liquor dealers, stock $50,000, insurance full; BANDERS, SAUNDERS & CO., cotton dealers, loss $5,000, insured; LEVIER & CO'S. loss small; HARRIS & HECK, clothiers, loss $60,000, insurance $40,000. Other losses not yet known.
The losses and insurance of this morning's fire are as follows:
SAMUEL THORMER, of Cincinnati, four houses, $150,000, insurance $50,000.
W. H. STOKES' estate, NOYES ALEXANDER hotel building, loss $60,000, insurance $20,000.
JOHN SIMMS' estate, furniture factory, loss $100,000, insurance $20,000.
Stock losses are:
HARRIS & HECHT $60,000, insurance $35,000.
DAVIS & HADEN, liquor dealers, $55,000, insured.
A. LEVY, clothing, $100,000, insurance $30,000.
CARSON, DANIELS & CO., grocers, $40,000, insurance $25,000.
SIMMS & CO., furniture, $75,000, insurance $20,000.
J. J. HARE, elevator, $10,000, insured.
J. B. ALEXANDER, on hotel, $20,000, insurance $10,000.
Other small losses.

The Dubuque Herald Iowa 1876-10-18