Pine Grove, KY Railroad Depot Fire, Feb 1915


Dan Scott's Grain Warehouse Afire but Is Saved by Tearing off Boards.

(Special to The Herald)

WINCHESTER, Ky., Feb. 2.---Fire which started in the kitchen of the residence of Mrs. Carlos Miller, at Pine Grove, this county, tonight destroyed the building, which formerly was a store room and was owned by Mrs. L. A. Gay, burned the depot of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company and set fire to the big grain warehouse of Dan W. Scott, former Sheriff of Fayette County, who had 15,000 bushels of grain stored in the building, which he had sold yesterday to a Winchester concern at $1.55 a bushel. Volunteer fire fighters pulled the burning boards from the side of the warehouse and saved it, the wheat being little, if any, damaged.

The buildings burned were all of frame construction. A train crew went to Pine Grove from Winchester in answer to a telephone message asking for help to aid in fighting the fire and saving the warehouse, which was reported to be in danger when the message was sent. The loss is said to be between $3,000 and $4,000.

The Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 3 Feb 1915