Guyandotte, KY (near) Steamer S. B. KENAWHA Explosion, July 1829

Wheeling, July 1.

A citizen of this place, who has just returned from Louisville, gives us the following particulars of the explosion of the S. B. KENAWHA, and its consequences, which took place on the 24th ult. at the mouth of Guyandotte, on board of which he was a passenger at the time.
The KENAWHA had stopped to discharge and receive passengers. After the boat was pushed off, the Engine was started, and the pump put in motion to supply the boilers with water. The boilers being rather low, and very hot at the time, and but little steam having been let off during their stay at the shore, the moment the cold water came in contact with the starboard boiler, it burst; both ends blowing off, the boiler itself breaking quite asunder, about midway of its length, one half of which was ripped lengthwise and spread out in the form of a piece of sheet iron, and the flue collapsing, was cast upon shore, a considerable distance, by the violence of the explosion.
There were at the time, about twenty-five Cabin and sixty Deck passengers on board, the former of which escaped uninjured. Of the latter, including hands, the following is a list of the persons killed and injured by the explosion.
Passengers, 3. -- JAMES SHERIFF, do. a child of 8 years old; HAMILTON, do. a lad, surname not known, but whose father resides near Sunfish, Ohio.
Died Of Scalds And Wounds Up To 7 O'clock, A. M. of June 26, 4 -- C. DAVIS, Colored Man, passenger; JOEL SLOOP, Engineer; THOMAS PHILIPS, Engineer; LEWIS HANDY, Deck hand.
Dangerously Injured, 4. -- Capt. RODGERS; H. ST. CLAIR; JOHN BREMWELL, late of Poplar Springs; A. WILLIAMS, colored man, cook.
Slightly Injured, 11. -- JOSEPH SHERIFF, saddler, formerly of Pittsburg, who served his apprenticeship with MR. LITTLE; MRS. SHERIFF had her heel bone broken, and was slightly scalded; as also 3 children of the above scalded; ANN RIGGS; MARY ANN GRAHAM; MARTHA WOODRUFF and child; C. RUST; SAMUEL EDGAR -- all deck passengers.

The Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1829-07-15