Louisville, KY Steamer H T DEXTER Fire, Jul 1880


LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 25.---The new steamer H. T. Dexter, Captain Jack Grammer, en route from Pittsburg to Evansville, caught fire, while under way, just opposite to Jeffersonville, Ind., this afternoon. The boat was headed toward the shore, but the fire got too hot for the pilot, and he had to back her into an island, where she burnt to her hull, when the fire was put out by the Louisville and Jeffersonville ferry boat.

She had no passengers on board, and all of the crew escaped, but lost all their clothing, &c. She had a fair cargo of freight, consisting of salt and glassware, of which most will be saved, as her hull was damaged very little. She was valued at $20,000; insured for $15,000. The origin of the fire is supposed to have been incendiary.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 26 Jul 1880