Lawrenceburg, KY Courthouse Fire, Oct 1859

The court house was of brick, two stories high with a cupalo at the front. The clerk's offices were about as they are now, except that between them there was a recess or vacant covered space paved with brick, extending from one to the other in front of the central or court room.  There were two doors of entrance, on at either side of the front.  .....

This court house was destroyed by fire on midnight of October 26, 1859.  The October term of the circuit court was being held, and the last order was entered October 26th.

Few records were destroyed by this fire, and the facts seem more surprising when it is realized that the building was in no sense fireproof.  Order book "D" and mortgage book "B" were destroyed and never replaced, although the court entered an order requiring the clerk to make a new order book from the minute book, and record all the mortgages he could find in a new book.  This was only partially done.

- A History of Anderson County, 1780-1936, begun in 1884 by Major Lewis W. McKee, concluded in 1936 by Mrs. Lydia K. Bond.