Hazard, KY Two Coal Trains Wreck, Jun 1945

Three Persons Injured In Perry Train Wreck

HAZARD, Ky., June 22 (Special) -- Three persons were injured and several cars damaged in a collision of two coal trains near Hazard at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon, according to J. T. Alexander, trainmaster of the Hazard division.

The injured were William Perkins, 43, fireman; Floyde Mayse, 51, engineer, and Eli Sumner, 49, head brakeman.  All three received severe abrasions but were released immediately following treatment at the Hazard hospital, Mr. Alexander stated.  The were occupying the engine of the Leatherwood train and escaped serious injury by leaping from the engine.  Members of the Neon caboose crew escaped injury when they jumped from the car.

The caboose and flat car of the Neon train were demolished and burned immediately after the wreck occurred, Mr. Alexander said.  Another coal car on the train and the engine of the Leatherwood train received considerable damage, in addition to some 50 to 75 feet of track which was torn up.

Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 23 Jun 1945


Hazard Kentucky 1900's train wreck

Janet, just found your question as I'm searching same info re: my grandfather. My mother remembers he was a lineman. He was seriously injured and suffered brain damage as a result. Possibly a stroke. ???
Have you ever found any more information? His accident had to be long before 1945. It was probably in Hazard.
Please write if you would like. It's hard to piece family stories together accurately.

hazard, ky, 1945 train wreck

my mom says that her dad was an engineer on a train in hazard that wrecked around the year 1945, but the information given in the Lexington Herald article doesn't match with her memory of this wreck. Are there any other sources of information about this? My grandfather, the engineer who survived, had said that the others the in the engine died in that wreck. The year may not be exactly 1945, but it was in Hazard, Kentucky.