Paducah, KY Steamboat KATE FLEMING Explosion, Oct 1850


Louisville, Oct., 7th.
The Steamer Kate Fleming, blew up at Paducah this morning, and was subsequently entirely destroyed by fire. L. B. DUNHAM of this city, was Captain, and BABCOCK of New Albany, Clerk. No farther particulars yet.


Paducah, Oct., 7 P.M.
The steamer Kate Fleming, Capt. DUNHAM, from Louisville for Cairo, burst both her boilers on Saturday, 5th inst., about 12 o'clock M. She had been aground on Wilkins' Bar, but had got off and had floated a short distance, when the bell rang "go ahead slow," when, after making a few revolutions, she exploded, and afterwards burned to the water's edge.
The cause of the explosion is thought to be want of water in the boilers. The following is a list of the killed and missing and saved, furnished us by the clerk of the Geo. Lafayette, who was on board at the time, and narrowly escaped. He arrived here this morning, with several others, in a skiff from the scene of the disaster. The list is as complete as could be made out at the time.
Killed and Missing.
ANNETTE, colored chambermaid.
Mate of the "Stephen Howit."
JEFFREY, colored steward.
JOHN, cabin boy.
HUTCHINSON, a slave of Mr. Moore, of Mississippi.
A Fireman and a Deck Hand of the "Gen. Lafayette."
MR. JENNINGS of New Albany.
J. THOMBY of Miss.
The Steward of the Kate Fleming, with the second cook, mate, and several deck passengers; all of whom it is thought will recover.
MR. WELD, of Louisiana, was badly bruised.
Capt. DUNHAM is badly wounded, but not dangerously.

Capt. DUNHAM, Capt. QUARRIER and MR. LOWRY, with several others, were standing on the hurricane deck, and were blown up several feet into the air. Capts. DUNHAM and QUARRIER fell on the bow of the wreck, and MR. LOWRY and the others into the river, and saved themselves by swimming.
Dr. Jones, of this place left this morning for the scene of the disaster, to relieve the sufferers.
The safe, containing a large amount of money belonging to the boat and deposited by the passengers, was blown into the river, and it is thought will be recovered.
There was but little of the baggage or clothing belonging to the passengers saved; some had the presence of mind to throw their trunks overboard.
Capt. Bently, of the Gen. Lafayette, remained at the wreck, to recover the safe, if possible.

Gallipolis Journal Ohio 1850-10-17