Maysville, KY Area Steamer A. N. JOHNSTON Explosion, Dec 1847

Steamer A. N. Johnson Explosion, 1847


This destructive and fatal accident took place on the Ohio river, about twelve miles above Maysville, Ky., on Wednesday, the 29th day of December, 1847, at 2 o'clock, A. M. The steamer, at the time of the explosion, was in the act of rounding from the shore, having just discharged some passengers on the wharf-boat at Manchester. After the explosion, she was burned to the water's edge. No circumstantial account of the accident is given, except that a great many persons were killed and wounded, and their names, as far as they were known to the officers of the boat, will be found in the list which is here appended. It is to be observed that the gentlemen who made the report were not very exact in stating whether many persons named therein were killed, wounded, or missing ; but it, was understood that when not otherwise designated, the persons named in the list were missing.

Passengers. —Redman, a flat-boat hand, killed ; S. S. Saunders, of Cincinnati, badly scalded ; J. Kirkpatrick, Massillon, Ohio, scalded ; William Everhart and son, of Pennsylvania, do.; D. Rutledge, of Ohio, do. ; N. Wheat, Baltimore, Md., do.; Samuel Fisher, Warren, O., do. ; Samuel Pilson, Baltimore, do. ; Henry Shane, Cincinnati ; Arthur Foal, Pittsburgh; A. N. Johnson, wife and child, Wheeling, Va. ; G. S. Weatherby, Philadelphia; — Conway, Graham's Station ; Cyrus Rollin, Lebant Falls ; Jacob Schafer, Ohio, scalded ; A . Bailey, Ohio, badly scalded ; Robert Russell, Ohio; John Clancy and John Hardy, Cincinnati ; John Kenline, of Ohio; H. J. Bonner, Hanover, Ind.; C. Hardin, Guyandotte, Va.; John Boyd, Warren, Ohio; William Beard, St. Louis; F. Platter, Ohio ; S. Cunningham, Cumberland, Md. ; J. Swagert, Belle Air, Ohio ; J. Barnett, Dayton, Ohio ; F. McDonald, Pittsburgh ; William Knight, Va. ; John Fowler, Ohio ; William Miller, Cincinnati ; M. R. Hayden and James Wickersham, Pittsburgh ; F. A. Horne, Ohio ; James M. Lissorm, Ohio ; R. Hickson, Cincinnati ; Augustus Marsh, slightly scalded; Henry Ladd and William Ladd, Randolph, Ohio ; John Borum, Clarington, Ohio ; William Parker, Dilley's Bottom, Ohio ; A. Davis, — Captain, O. McTygart, Mr. McCullough, Mr. Lands, and Mr. All, Parkersburg, Va. ; James Bromdon and Edmund Swaggart, Belle Air, Ohio ; John Gilbreath, of Pittsburgh, badly scalded ; Hamilton Barebout, John Williams, James Sprouts, and A. Bacon, Warren, Ohio ; William Allen, Wheeling, Va. ; Anderson Bonum and Benjamin Bonum, Cincinnati; G. Parker, Pittsburgh; C. Weaver, Wheeling, Va. ; James Henderson, Belmont Co., Ohio ; E. J. Pole and J. R. Deary, Athens Co., Ohio. ; P. Flesher, Doddridge Co., Va. ; Jacob Shoewalter, Warren Co., Ohio.