Arcadia, NE Tornado Destroys Farm House, June 1953


Arcadia, Neb. (AP) -- A tornado wiped a farm place near Arcadia cleanly off the face of the earth late Sunday and brought instant death to 10 persons enjoying a Sunday family reunion on the place.
The twister was one of at least five which hop-scotched widely scattered sections of Nebraska.
Dozens of farms were damaged or destroyed, communications lines were downed and several persons were injured, at least one of them seriously.
Fortunately, the funnels largely by-passed towns and cities where toll in deaths and damage might have been much heavier.
The death dealing tornado in this Central Nebraska area hit at least six farms.
The deaths were on the MADS MADSEN farm five miles east of Arcadia.
Assembled for their customary Sunday get-together were the MADSENS, three children and five grand children.
They apparently were in the house and never knew what hit them.
So vicious was the tornado that bodies were mangled and scattered as far as a half mile.
"There wasn't a stick of anything left on the place," said one visitor to the scene. Machinery, animals and buildings were "tossed around like feathers," said another.
A farm just across the road also was levelled but six persons on this place escaped injury by huddling in a storm cellar.
The dead were MR. and MRS. MADSEN, about 60; their son, VIRGIL MADSEN, Central City, Neb.; their daughter, MRS. DOLLY JOHNSON and her two children, KENNETH 12, and BARBARA, 10 and another daughter of the MADSENS, MRS. JACK WITTY, and her three children, PATTY, 8; THELMA, 12, and GARY, 10.
Other tornadoes hit areas in the vicinity of Hooper in Eastern Nebraska, near David City about 70 miles west of Omaha, and in the Albion area of Northeast Nebraska.
Still another funnel was sighted near Big Springs along the Colorado-Nebraska border but no damage from it was reported.

Atchison Daily Globe Kansas 1953-06-08


Madison County Nebraska Tornado of May 30, 1954

Are there any newspaper accounts of the Madison County Nebraska Tornado of May 30, 1954, that killed (6) and injured (23)? It was an F4 tornado that had a length of (24) miles.