Keighley, KS Tornado, Jun 1894


Meager Particulars of the Wreck of a Kansas Town by a Storm.

WICHITA, Kan., June 26.---The little village of Keighley, in Butler county, on the line of the St. Louis & San Francisco railway, was devastated by a tornado about 7:30 last evening but as there is no telegraph office there, it is doubtful whether full details can be obtained. The meager news received of the storm was brought into Leon, some miles distant from the scene of the catastrophe, by a courier last night, who rode off for help before learning much of what had happened.

The messenger reports the group of stores on Main street demolished and several people buried in the debris. Several residences were blown down and some of their occupants fatally injured. The courier only knew of one death, that of a man named Hal Thurston, who, together with three horses, was killed in a barn which was lifted up and turned over on its roof.

Several box cars on the track were lifted up and carried some distance by the wind. The courier says he thinks the damage done to the country will be very great.

Decatur Weekly Republican, Decatur, IL 28 Jun 1894


A Destructive Tornado.

WICHITA, Kan., June 27.---The tornado that struck the village of Keighley, Butler county, Monday evening, is known to have caused loss of life, though the telegraph wires are still down and details of the disaster are meager. Edward Thurman was crushed to death in a stable. Many persons were pinned under falling houses and seriously injured. The tornado swept on its course as far east as the people could see it. Two general stores, the largest buildings in the village, were entirely demolished. A freight train was standing on the Frisco track at the time and six cars were lifted and turned upside down.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 28 Jun 1894