Whiting, KS Tornado, Apr 1911

The town of Whiting, Kan., where the cyclone first struck, was destroyed. Sixty houses were reduced to debris and 30 persons were injured.

Mrs. David Shone; wife of a farmer residing near Whiting, was swept from the steps of her home into a neighbor’s yard, half a mile away, and was picked up dead.

The storm traveled in a southwesterly direction, and in addition to Big Heart, where it ended, and Whiting, the beginning it touched Powhattan, Netawaka and Manville, in Kansas.

The Lima Daily News, Lima, OH 13 Apr 1911


The tornado seemed to strike first between Netawaka and Whiting, about twenty-five miles southwest of Horton. The house of Frederick Stone, a farmer, was wrecked and Mrs. Stone and her small son, Frederick, were injured severely. The wind twisted and hurled this way and that, traveling generally north and east, sometimes in paths three-fourths of a mile wide.

The Kansas City Times, Kansas City, MO 13 Apr 1911


Whiting, Kansas, was practically wiped off the map, sixty buildings being blown down, thirty persons hurt and Mrs. David Stone killed.

Mrs. David Stone, wife of a farmer, living near Whiting, was swept from the steps of her home into a neighbor’s yard, half a mile away. She was picked up dead.

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN 13 Apr 1911


Houses Destroyed

Whiting, Ks., April 12-- Five houses were completely destroyed by the tornado which swept through Reserve, six miles south of this place, at 4 o’clock last evening. Not a stick of timber was left of any of these dwellings, but so far as can be ascertained there were but four casualties.

Mrs. Fred Stone, was seriously injured but she is still alive. Mrs. Roy V. Vernon was badly injured when her residence collapsed. She was still alive this morning. The storm was plainly seen from this place but it did no damage here. The wind was so severe that it stripped

The Evening Standard, Ogden City, UT 13 Apr 1911


The injured:
Mrs. Fred Stone, six miles northwest of Whiting, skull fractured, Perhaps fatal.

The Galveston Daily News, Galveston, TX 13 Apr 1911