Wichita, KS Train Wreck, Jun 1910


Harvest Hands Stealing Ride in an Accident.

WICHITA, Kas., June 23.--Three men were killed and ten were injured in the wreck of an extra St. Louis & San Francisco freight train just east of here, at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Two men are missing and are thought to be buried beneath the wreckage. All the killed and injured were harvest hands stealing a ride. The dead:

LOGAN GANNON, Phillipsbpurg[sic], Mo.
JOHN ROONEY, Phillipsburg, Mo.
Unidentified man said to be from Muskogee, Okl.

The injured:

Bert Rooney, Phillipsburg, Mo., serious
Will Loosin, Phillipsburg, Mo., scalp wound, serious
Lloyd Gannon, Robert Castle, Ed Materick, John Ragland, and ___ Egbert, all of Phillipsburg, Mo.:
John Causler, Long Lane, Mo.,
and Bert Cain and G. W. Welch, both of Oklahoma City.

None of these are thought to be seriously injured.

These thirteen men were riding on the top of a heavy car of bridge timbers just back of a freight car. A broken flange caused the wreck. Two men were seen on top of the coal car at Leon, and it is believed they are beneath the wreckage.

Frisco traffic is being sent over the Santa Fe by way of Winfield tonight.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 24 Jun 1910