Hutchinson, KS Circus Train Wreck, Oct 1897


A Stable Car Jumped the Track, Killing One, Injuring Three.

Hutchison, Kan., Oct. 6.--At 2:30 o'clock this morning the circus train of Lemen Bros. was wrecked at the west end of the Hutchison yards. One man was killed, another is expected to die and two are badly injured.

A seventy-foot stable car jumped the track, was upset and demolished. Four circus employes[sic] were sleeping in one of the wagons on the wrecked car.

One WILLIAM BAUGHESS, aged 35 years, was killed. Albert Ward of Eureka, Kan., suffered internal injuries and is expected to die; August H. Bakerfield had his spine injured; J. W. Brown of Paterson, N. J., had his left arm broken.

The stable car was the only one wrecked.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 7 Oct 1897