Garden City, KS Tornado, June 1967

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Garden City, Kan. (AP) -- One person died and at least 14 were hospitalized as a tornado slashed through Garden City and its farm area Friday night.
Civil Defense headquarters said 125 homes sustained major damage, and several hundred others had lesser damage. The survey was made for Civil Defense by Richard Bohleder, assistant police chief.
The storm moved from west to east across the north part of the city.
MRS. MAMIE LARGENT, 66, died in St. Catherine's hospital about 30 minutes after she was brought in from her farm home three miles northwest of town where she was caught by the twister.
Hospital attendants said one woman suffered a broken hip and at least two had broken arms. Most were treated for shock and minor injuries. Many received first-aid from rescue workers.
Among those taken to the hospital were a number of patients of the Briar Hill nursing home, which was damaged.
Victims left homeless were given shelter in the Methodist Church and the National Guard armory.
A new grade school in the northeast section, which is to be opened in the fall, lost its gym roof. Another grade school had a pole rammed through the west side of the building, and an annex -- a steel structure -- was demolished.
The high school stadium's press box was ripped away.
The office of Gov. Robert Docking in Topeka said it had sent Robert C. Harder, director of the state's technical assistance program, to Garden City to help with rehabilitation. National Guard units also were being alerted to help in the stricken area, the governor's office said.
Most of the heavy damage to homes occurred in the Briar Hill area in the northeast residental area.

The Emporia Gazette Kansas 1967-06-24


St Mary Church - Garden City KS

Richard - do you have any information about what happen to the old St Mary Church on Saint John and N. 12th? As a child I lived on N. 12th st in 1963 and have a picture of me in front of church but don't know what happen to the church. Thanks.

1967 garden city ks. tornado

was reading past history of the tornado that hit garden city in 1967 on a friday evening, to this day i can remember it quite well as i was there on a custom wheat crew from wheatland wyoming (luther lock custom harvestors) part of the crew was west of garden city cutting wheat on or near the clutter farm where truman capote was making his movie (in cold blood). the crew i was on was east of garden city working in cimmaron ks. but due to high moisture count had taken the day off and were in garden city. that afternoon we had gone with the women to help feed the crew west of garden city, our mechanic (tony selzler) made the comment that you could see funnel clouds dropping in and out of thecloudscoming in from colorado,but none of us saw any. after the evening meal was completed and we went back to garden city the nephew of mr. lock (clifton grout) andi were dropped off down town garden city to do some shopping. as we were walking east towards the trailer park we were staying at it started to rain real light at first, and i made the comment i had never seen rain like this. it was coming etraight down then going at a right angle about seven feet above the ground. this caused us both to look up back over the wheat silos and see the clouds spinning in a rapid motion. we both took off running trying to reach the trailer park, we had only gone about a block when we saw this lady open her front door and say "if you two boys don"t want to get killed get in here". as we reached her basement the storm hit i never saw anything as dark as it was in any storm before that time, later that evening when the crew from west of garden city came in the all wanted to know what happened to garden city, we thought they all were crazy for asking , after we told them the only comment made was "gee the sun was shining out west of town. the next morning Saturday) we as a crew were part of the many volunteers helping to cleanup. wa saw many sad and strange things that tornadoes do. as a seventeen year old boy as many of us on this crew were this is something we will never forget (note) luther lock harvestors was the largest custom harvesiors in that area. two large service trucks, ten massey ferguson combines, fifteen wheat hauling trucks,four mobile homes. one school bus (crew quarters{ five pickups.