Clarence, IA Tornado, May 1898

From Clarence. The people of this place here horror stricken yesterday afternoon about 3:45 to see a great funnel-shaped cloud approaching the town from the southwest. It passed, however, about 80 rods north of the business portion of the town, doing no damage whatever to the town. Portions of buildings, trees and fences were plainly visible in the fearful whirling storm. Reports of great damage are coming in from the track of the storm. Two large barns and many farm buildings were destroyed. On the farm of S. K. Davidson, south of Stanwood. The farm property of Gordon Carl, four miles west of this place, was badly damaged. A large barn belonging to C. Peterson, three miles west, was completely demolished. The barn and farm buildings of Henry Wechoff, northeast of town, were blown away. The house and barn belonging to Chas. Dake, two miles, were completely swept away and the family escaped death by fleeing to the cellar where they escaped all injury. Other reports of damage and also of loss of life are coming in but so far has not been substantiated. The storm took a northeasterly course from here.

Clinton Daily Herald, Clinton, IA 19 May 1898