Mount Pleasant, IA Storm, Jun 1902

ia mount pleasant storm jun 1902

Mount Pleasant, June 11.----The storm here last night did much damage to trees, outbuildings, etc. The buildings on the fair grounds were badly torn up. Some stock was struck by lightning and burned. Bad slides occurred on the new track of the Burlington railroad between here and Rome. Some buildings were unroofed in town and damaged by water. The roofs of two freight cars in the yards were torn off and the contents injured by a live wire on the street. No fatalities.

Des Moines Daily Leader, Des Moines, IA 12 Jun 1902


Storm in Henry County.

Mt. Pleasant, June 12---(Special)---Mt Pleasant was visited with heavy winds Tuesday night At 9 o'clock a strong wind bore in from the east, the same that had passed over Burlington at Mt Pleasant, unroofing a number of houses and blowing down trees, injuring to a considerable extent telegraph, telephone and electric light wires. Telephone connection was not made during the day. The new telephone wires must be restrung. Reports from the county indicate damage to oats and other crops. Fully five inches of water fell during the night, amounting in its suddenness almost to a cloudburst.

Des Moines Daily Leader, Des Moines, IA 13 Jun 1902