Ferryville, IA Tornado, Jun 1915

The wreckage of the house was strewn with the dead bodies of horses and cattle. Small pigs were found far underneath the wreckage. Dozens of dead chickens lay in the ruins, although many of the farm chickens escaped entirely.

Chickens Picked

Several chickens were literally stripped of their feathers. Trees everywhere on the ridge were mowed down like grass, as were all the trees on the whole ridge.

Baby Carried Half Mile

Snatched from its mother's arms while she was holding him at supper table, LEROY FINLEY, year and a half old son of MRS. MARGARET FINLEY, was carried more than half a mile from the wreckage of the FINLEY home and killed.

A large piece of timber was protruding through his body when found an hour later.

No part of the FINLEY baby's body was unbruised.

LeROY FINLEY, aged fifteen months.
WILLIAM SHEEHAY, aged 35, 4238 Grand Boulevard, Chicago, Ill.
HELEN McMANUS, aged 6.
JOSEPH LEPPERT, about 40, farmer near Lansing.
MRS. JOSEPH LEPPERT, near Lansing, Iowa.
Two small children of JOSEPH LEPPERT.

MRS. J. C. DALY, Atlantic, Ia., internally hurt.
MISS ROSE FINLEY (brought to the St. Francis hospital yesterday).
MRS. OLE MUNSON, ribs crushed and injured internally.

J. B. FINLEY, leg broken; now at La Crosse hospital.
LORETTA FINLEY, back severely injured and entire body bruised.
DOROTHY FINLEY, face and body cut and bruised.
MRS. T. C. FINLEY, body bruised.
RICHARD FINLEY, severe cuts about top of the head.
T. C. FINLEY, bruised.
MARTIN ROEBURG, leg broken.
MRS. MARTIN ROEBURG, eye and body bruised.
ODIN ROEBURG, head gashed in several places by flying lumber.
SELMER ROEBURG, back severely twisted.
OSCAR LEE, wandering farm hand at ROEBURG'S farm, head cut.
MICHAEL ESPERSON, both legs broken.
MRS. OLE MUNSON, injured internally.
MRS. ANDREW MOULDREM, several ribs crushed.
MRS. MOUS TISTHAMMER, body covered with deep gashes of nails.
Two TISTHAMMER children bruised severely.
MRS. JAMES TWEED, body bruises.
MR. JAMES TWEED, face and body bruises.
MISS. SCHOEMAN, daughter of WILLIAM SCHOEMAN, Reedsburg.
Infant daughter of CHARLES GARDNER, Reedsburg.

The following is a complete list of the property damage on Finley and adjoining ridges.

MICHAEL ESPERSON farm - House blown to the ground, all buildings completely destroyed.
EDWARD ESPERSON farm (across the Black river road from MICHAEL ESPERSON'S home) - All buildings gone, but house only slightly damaged.
OLE MUNSON farm - Swept clean of all buildings including large farm house and barns. Many cattle killed.
ANDREW MOULDREM farm - Farm house picked up and carried fifty yards across road and scattered for many rods. Ground swept of all buildings.
JAMES R. FINLEY farm - Homestead and all buildings gone.
LAWRENCE FINLEY farm- Roof was taken off farm house and all farm buildings carried away and scattered.
TIMOTHY CONLEY farm - New house wrecked and all buildings destroyed.
T. C. FINLEY farm - Probably the biggest damage of any of the farms. House and all buildings and cattle destroyed.
SEVER SOLBERG farm - Although the farm house remains, all other buildings gone.
JENS TISTHAMER farm - A large barn and tobacco shed destroyed but the farm house stood the strain of the wind.
A. B. TISTHAMER farm - All barns gone. House remains.
ROBERT MOULDREM farm - Half of homestead out from main portion of building and scattered for a long distance and all barns and other buildings wiped out.
GUSTAVE GUSTOFSON farm - Tobacco sheds destroyed.
ANDREW WILLIAMSON farm -- Tobacco shed and silo is destroyed.
JOHN LUCEY farm - All buildings on farm destroyed with the exception of the house.
JACOB TISTHAMER farm - House and buildings are a complete loss.
MICHAEL MIEHAELSON farm - Tobacco sheds and barns gone although homestead stands.
MARTIN GORDAN farm - House remains alone of several large buildings on place.
MARTIN ROEBURG farm - House completely destroyed and all buildings gone.

The La Crosse Tribune Wisconsin 1915-06-14


Ferryville is on the

Ferryville is on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi, not the Iowa side.