Letts, IA Train Wreck, Aug 1902


The El Paso Limited Wrecked by a Washout Near Letts - Engine and Five Coaches Ditched.

Muscatine, Ia., Aug. 18. -- The El Paso limited on the Rock Island road was wrecked by a washout early this morning and five coaches and engine were thrown into the ditch a mile west of Letts. The train carried a heavy passenger list and there were many miraculous escapes from death. Many are reported injured, some, it is thought, fatally. The washout was caused by a cloudburst, accompanied by a terrific electrical storm. Two houses in the adjacent country are reported burned by lightning, and it is feared much other damage was done.

It is stated at the Rock Island general offices in Chicago that the baggage, mail, express and two cars of the train wrecked near Letts, were ditched and the engine and Pullmans remained on the track.

No one was fatally injured. The mail clerk and porter were seriously hurt. The passengers escaped with minor injuries.

Davenport Daily Republican Iowa 1902-08-19

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