Chester, IA Tornado, May 1953

2 Hurt Near Chester

MISS LOUISE PETERS, about 60 and her brother, JOHN, suffered minor injuries when the winds swept every building except a garage from their farm 2 ½ miles northwest of Chester.

Two of MISS PETERS' ribs were fractured and her brother suffered a cut on the hand.

Two daughters of ROBERT MYLI were cut by flying glass as the storm took everything except the house at their farm south of Chester.

At the LOREN FORRESTER farm, three miles north of Chester, and at the HAROLD ULLOM place across the road, only the house was left standing and at the nearby CLEVELAND farm, the barn was blown against the house.

Other Farms Hit
Damage also was reported at the FRANK PISNEY and ED HOLMES farms. Chester itself escaped the brunt of the storm. Trees were down, windows were broken and there was the usual shingle and storm window damage.

Electric power was off from the time the storm hit, at 6 p. m. until shortly after 7 p.m.

Austin Daily Herald Minnesota 1953-05-11